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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Our SEN Vision

At Powell’s, we aim to meet the needs of every pupil with special educational needs (SEN). Our school vision ‘talk, learn, grow on our journey together’ is reflected in our SEN vision. We see each individual pupil’s special educational need as a part of their learning journey and aim to reduce any gaps in attainment as part of that journey, whilst celebrating differences and developing the whole child.

Inclusive Culture

  • Every child has their needs met through high quality teaching.
  • Our embedded trauma-informed, attachment aware and emotion coaching practice ensures every child feels psychologically safe, understood and in the best place to learn.

SEN resources

  • Every member of staff is highly trained and highly effective in passionately providing high quality teaching and appropriate, timely intervention.


  • All parents and pupils are fully involved at every stage of a child’s SEN journey. They understand the process for SEND; ask questions and share the vision.
  • Collaboration between agencies
  • All agencies work together in a timely manner to meet the needs of every pupil. Strong working relationships ensure we are able to facilitate the development of each child to help them achieve the best possible outcomes (educational and otherwise).


  • All pupils are tracked and monitored to ensure swift intervention, if and when required, to ensure appropriate support to close the gaps.

SEN Graduated Pathway

This presentation outlines what Special Educational Needs are; what to do if you think your child had SEN; how SEN are identified; the approach to SEN in Gloucestershire and at Powell's and the provision at Powell's. 

The Graduated Pathway (SEN)