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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Clubs Spring Term 2022 - w/c 17th January - w/e 28th March

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday







Non paid

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Mrs Stickney 4:00pm finish 


Year 4 French * Mrs Pitt 4:00pm finish


Y5/6 Film Club Mrs Foley Class 6

4:00pm finish


Y5/6 STEM * Mrs Elliot

Class 11

4:00pm finish 


Y4 Raspberry Pi Computing Club Mrs Tibbles Class 4 4:00pm finish

Years 4, 5, 6 Choir Mr Gordon-Walker

Main Hall 

4:15pm finish


Years 3 and 4 Reading Club * Miss McMorrine Class 7

4:15pm finish


Y6 Mock Trial Mrs Jones 4:00pm finish

Invitation Only


Y3 Maths Games Mr Jeremy Class 8 4:00pm finish


Y 4 /5 Art * Mrs Davies Class 5 4:00pm finish 


Year 4: 5 sessions 18th Jan – 16th Feb


Year 5: 5 sessions 1st March – 29th March


Years 1, 2, 3 choir Mrs Gilman and Mrs Urquhart 


4:00pm finish












Y2 Gym Rachel Rogers Main hall 

Multi Sports Years 1 and 2 Scott Burry 


4:15pm finish



Kitchen Club KS2 Music and Drama Hall 4:30pm finish


(6 sessions to run up until Feb half term) STARTS 11th JAN






 Multi sports Year 3 and 4 Scott Burry 


4:15pm finish



French EY/Y1 Carry Cole 

Y2 STEM Mrs Marriot and Miss Northcott Class 5 4:00pm finish 


KS2 Orchestra Mrs Brisley Group room/Class 7 4:00pm finish


Multi sports Years 5 and 6 Scott Burry


4:15pm finish


Years 4 and 5 Gym Main hall Rachel Rogers 

4.15pm finish


Y2 and 3 Dance Mya Music / Drama hall 

4.15pm finish

Y3/4 Football Scott Burry


4:15pm finish



Y4, 5, 6 Dance Mya Main Hall 

4.15pm finish