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Welcome from our Chair

The Governing Body has 12 members all of whom are actively involved in developing the Vision and Values of Powell’s School. We have collective responsibility for three key roles:

  • To provide a strategic view
  • To act as a critical friend
  • To ensure accountability

Our members have a broad range of knowledge and experience which helps us to debate strategies for improvement so that Powell’s pupils are able to learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards. The volunteer members have the independence to ask challenging questions, whilst contributing skills to lend support and advice where we can. We monitor results and other aspects of school life, such as attendance, behaviour and safeguarding. We also review School’s policies, which are available to you on this website. At Powell’s each governor is linked to a subject; in this way a detailed understanding and good communication with staff can develop. We receive training to help us understand the complex workings of a school and to guide us in achieving the correct balance of “eyes on, hands off”. We value highly the input of the KS1 and KS2 assistant heads, who give their time as associate members, and also the efficiency and technical knowledge of the business manager.  We meet four times a year and have regular sub-committee meetings in between.

My role as Chair has given me an insight into just how complex a challenge it is for the staff to provide on a daily basis a welcoming and safe environment where each pupil is encouraged to learn and develop through a stimulating experience. The staff’s dedication is impressive. But the staff are never complacent and nor is the Governing Body. The views of parents and carers are important. We take note of the replies to the periodic questionnaire and welcome discussion at Parents Evenings. If you wish to contact us, please do so via Claire Jarvis in the office by letter or email admin@powells.gloucs.sch.uk or 01285 653799.


Governing Body members serving in the last 12 months:

Name Appointed by Term Of Office Committee & Attendance

FGB Meeting Attendance

2018 -2019 

 FGB Meeting Attendance 2019/2020

Register of Interests

Caryn Putney

(Co-Chair of Governors)

Foundation Governor PEF

Start: 01/11/2018

End:  31/10/2022

Finance & Buildings 100%

Personnel 100%

 100%  100% Powells Educational Trust

Darren Brindley

(Co-Chair of Governors)

Foundation Governor PEF

Start: 01/02/2020

End:  31/01/2024

Curriculum 100%

E-Safety 100%

Ethos 100%

Personnel 100%

89% 100% None
 Ian Hillier (Vice Chair)

Foundation Governor PCC



End: 30/06/2022

Curriculum 100% 100%



Canon Graham Morris  Vicar, Ex Officio




 Ethos (nil)

 33% 50% Powells Educational Trust
Scott Burry LA Governor

Start: 07/07/2016

End:  30/06/2020

Curriculum 100%  100% 50% None
Andrew Phillips Elected Parent Governor

Start: 05/12/2016

End:  06/12/2020

Finance & Buildings 100%  67%%  100% Powells Educational Trust
Mrs Clare Wheatley Foundation Governor

Start: 01/07/2018

End:  30/06/2022

Ethos 100%

Admissions 100%

75% 100% None

Mrs Helen Cooper - Headteacher


Ex Officio  N/A

Personnel 100%

Finance & Buildings 33%

Admissions (nil)





Mr Ryan Jeremy



End: 31/08/22

 Curriculum 100%






Mrs Karen Philp Foundation Governor PCC


End: 31/01/2024

Mrs Sharon Rowe Foundation Governor PEF

Start: 01/02/2020

End: 31/01/2024

Mr Jon Cawte Elected Parent Governor


End: 28/02/2024

Helen Lavis - Deputy Head Associate Member N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sarah Stevens, KS2 Assistant Head Associate Member N/A  N/A  N/A N/A
Wendy Lomas Clerk to Governors




Relationship of any Governors to members of school staff including spouces, partners & relatives :-

Canon Graham Morris - married to Angela Morris, T.A

Scott Burry - married to Emma Burry, Teacher &  related to Jon Maunder T.A