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Powell's School Church of England (VA) Primary School

Family Support in School

My name is Emily Allan and I have worked at Powell’s School since 2017 in different positions including teaching assistant in Year 3, small group teacher in Year 6 and PPA teacher across Year 5 and 6. Prior to Powell’s, I worked in various schools, including special schools working with children with Emotional, Behavioural and Social Difficulties and those excluded from mainstream school. 

I have always fully believed that successful schools are built through strong and positive relationships with parents and carers. I want to develop this further at Powell’s, especially to encourage positive attitudes to learning, which very often lead to better levels of attainment for pupils. 

Essentially, I will be: 

  • Establishing positive relationships with you and your children 
  • Making it easier for you to work closely with the school and other agencies for the benefit of your child 
  • Listening to and supporting you with any concerns you might have regarding your child 
  • Supporting positive relationships between you and school staff where necessary 
  • Recommending support from other services if necessary 
  • Promoting your child’s wellbeing and mental health  
  • Making myself available for informal chats on the playground, appointments, and if needed home visits 
  • Working alongside teachers to ensure lines of communication with you are open and effective for all 
  • Providing an impartial and confidential ear should you just need a chat 

My email is: 
Or you can  send a text or WhatsApp to: 07554309761