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French at Powells

At Powell’s, our aim is to provide pupils with a positive and successful early foreign language experience, which will develop their self-esteem as linguists and provide motivation for future language learning.

We also work to raise pupil awareness of a culture other than their own and encourage positive attitudes towards other language cultures.

We provide practical linguistic skills in French, developing good habits and essential skills for foreign language learning.

Each KS2 class has a weekly dedicated French lesson throughout the year, where they have the opportunity to develop practical skills and knowledge through activities, games and songs in a range of familiar contexts.

In particular they will:     

  • Develop listening skills, responding to a range of voices
  • Sing, chant and recite French songs, stories and rhymes
  • Develop and practise clear pronunciation by imitation, repetition, pair-work and group work
  • Present ideas and information orally to a range of audiences
  • Begin to learn about the geography and culture of France and gain an awareness of other Francophone countries
  • Integrate French into class routines
  • Read carefully and learn to relate the written form of familiar words and phrases to their spoken form as a preparation for the development of reading and writing skills
  • Integrate an understanding of basic grammar to lay the foundations for further study


We have access to an extensive range of resources including ‘Early Start French’, ‘Français, Français’, BBC Primary French, ‘Chez Mimi’ and many others.

Our aim is to engage all children through a wide variety of activities and approaches so that they gain confidence in their ability to speak in front of an audience and look forward to continuing an exploration of language at secondary school.