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D.T - Subject lead Clare Stickney & Katie Symons

Design & Technology at Powells

Design and technology at Powell’s is a fun and engaging subject that helps to prepare children for the developing world. The subject encourages children to become inquisitive and creative problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. Through the study of design and technology, they combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues. Design and technology helps all children to become informed consumers and potential innovators. It should assist children in developing a greater awareness and understanding of how everyday products are designed and made.

At Powell’s C of E Primary School, we follow the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach to the teaching of DT, as outlined in the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. At the beginning of each project, the children are given opportunities to explore existing products and their components, which helps to inform the design stage of their project. During the design stage, they will devise their own design criteria, be encouraged to draw detailed designs and make prototypes where appropriate. Whilst making their products, staff will guide them through the technical skills they will require, modelling good practice and highlighting safety considerations with the children. Through the evaluation stage, children are encouraged to reflect upon their final products against their original design criteria, considering the views of others and how they could have altered their design or techniques to impact the overall appearance and successfulness of their product.

The technical skills which we teach encompass the following areas: Structures, Mechanisms, Electrical Systems and Textiles. The whole school long term plan and progression of skills outlines how and when each area of the DT curriculum is covered.  It ensures that the technical skills are covered in greater depth, and that – by the end of each key stage – children will have reached the expectations of the National Curriculum.

Cooking and Nutrition

At Powell’s, pupils are taught to enjoy learning and developing cooking skills, which are vital for later life. Additionally, the children are given opportunities to understand the importance of a balanced diet and as they progress through the school, a greater awareness of the nutritional value of different types of food and where these foods come from.


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